Vitamins For Anxiety

What are the Common Vitamins for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a common problem through which many people go through all over the globe. To overcome this problem, supplements for Vitamins For Anxiety are commonly given to the people. These vitamins help to resolve the problems of anxiety and also nourish the body of those nutrients of which the body is mal nourished.


Anxiety, which is nervousness, is usually characterized by symptoms such as chest tightness, fatigue, indigestion, sweating as well as headache. Although the initial phase of anxiety is considered a less severe condition, but if untreated timely it can lead to severe medical conditions.

Understanding anxiety

Mild anxiety is considered to be vague, but when talking about severe anxiety it can be quite serious and can be deliberating as well. Usually people suffer from anxiety when they start feeling fearful or nervousness and generally before things like a test, interview, taking an injection etc. The problem of anxiety starts causing and affecting a person’s sleep, concentration, memory etc. If you are having symptoms of anxiety, it is best to consult a physician at the earliest, until the problem surpasses the initial stages.

Vitamins For AnxietyVitamins which can be used for anxiety

Vitamins which are an essential part of the body and diet, should be present in appropriate amount in the diet so as to ensure that the deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals do not cause anxiety.

1.    The group of vitamin B

Vitamin B supplements include different types, which are beneficial for the body in different ways and for anxiety as well. Vitamin B1, which is commonly known as Thiamine and Vitamin B6, known as Pyridoxine are known to be good sources for anxiety. Similarly vitamin B3 i.e. niacinamide is also good for treating patients of anxiety. The different forms of B vitamin help to stabilize the lactate levels of the body, which are known to cause anxiety attacks in individuals.

So now you must be clear that the different forms of vitamin B are quite essential in preventing anxiety.

2.    Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known to resolve the problems of anxiety. This vitamin is known to play an essential role in the functioning of the adrenal glands as well as for the brain. Usually this vitamin is advised in large doses for patients suffering from anxiety and with the regular doses, a soothing effect is also provided to the body, thus decreasing the levels of anxiety.

3.    Trace minerals

Many of the trace elements are considered to be supplements for anxiety, namely a few of them are zinc, potassium, selenium etc. Some of the other trace minerals which are known to prevent nervous tension in the mind are magnesium and calcium, of which the former is considered to relieve muscle spasm as well as nervousness, whereas the latter is a tranquilizer. Zinc is also known to calm the mind and is supplemented in the diet to prevent anxiety. Selenium has anti – anxiety effects on the body and the mind.

4.    Vitamin D

Vitamin D, which humans can get as a natural source from sun, is another way of decreasing anxiety. It has also been proved and showed in studies that less proportions of vitamin D in the body will be affects anxiety.

Take measures before the risk increases

Before the risk of anxiety increases in the body, it is better to start taking more of the Vitamins For Anxiety, which can calm the mind and lessen the levels of nervousness. Many physicians and nutritionists also advice the people suffering from anxiety to take up supplements of vitamin either in the form of tablets or increasing the intake in the diet.

Taking remedial measures in the initial stages is better so as to prevent the levels of anxiety to get increased, which can also lead to problems of depression or mental retardation if not treated properly or on time.

Visit a doctor

If you are feeling the symptoms of anxiety, visit a physician so that the supplements for anxiety can be started at the earliest and will help to decrease its levels. So, immediately consult a doctor and make sure that you are diagnosed properly of anxiety symptoms and relieved off it at the earliest.